A Tale of Two Pandemics; SARS of Covid19 and the SARS of Villainy

In 2019, what is now globally popular and known as Covid19 was initially described as novel because it truly manifested in many unfamiliar ways that have continued to kill many people even despite vaccination. In the UK and US, there are cases of some frontline professionals who had already received the anti-Covid19 vaccine but still got infected because they did not understand that it takes a while before the immunization can take effect.
Nevertheless, the efforts of great nations and the discoveries of noblemen of science cannot be taken for granted. They have produced hope for the whole world against the SARS-Covid19 Virus. However; almost about that same time the Nigerian youths recognised the power within them to fight Nigerian Police SARS ravaging the people. Nigerian government did all it could to frustrate the protesters while governments elsewhere organised their people and resources to fight the other type of SARS (Covid19), which is just as deadly as the Nigerian Police SARS. While the latter has given hope to the world, the former has continued to give Nigerians a despair.
As it is, Nigerians fear two types of infections; SARS of Nigerian Police and SARS of Covid19, both of which have left Nigerians helpless due to the roles of leaders who define success in terms of personal aggrandisement and vendetta. Both deadly events affect the biological and social health of the people due to lack of empathy and low emotional intelligence amongst leaders trusted with power and the means to fight the viruses.

As a result, individuals and families would have to develop simple plans for  their own safety and healthy living at this crucial time of our lives. However, the steps to be taken for safety against the two types of SARS (Nigerian Police and Covid19) are similar in many respects and described below;
Step 1: All safety tips against both SARS as contained in guidelines issued by independent (government sources in Nigeria require complex analysis)  authorities should be strictly adhered to. For safety against the Nigerian Police SARS, it is better and more advisable to keep to legal counsels and credible NGOs that focus on human rights while WHO and medical practitioners counsel of regular personal hygiene and constant use of face protections work as reliable safety tips against Covid19.
Steps 2:  Safety guidelines is one thing, another perhaps more effective step is building immunity against the viruses. While good food, Vitamin C and Zinc have been advised for immunity against Covid19, modest lifestyle and right associations should help to ward off Nigerian Police SARS.
Both, not either one of the steps above are necessary for ultimate safety at this time. However, a society posed for transformation deserves good leaders of vision, character and competence who can make things happen in civil and humane ways otherwise each person would continue to plan and implement for himself alone as though living in isolation. The International School of Management (ISM) both at the Lagos (Ikeja & VI) and London (Erith) facilities parades a faculty of scholar-practitioners who have proven knowledge, strength of character and visionary experiences to lead complex discussions and contribute to the process of leadership development. Our delegates are able to see through the issues and collectively connect the clues to reach informed conclusions towards true change and social transformation.