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School at a glance

The International School of Management (ISM) Lagos represents more of a body of knowledge than a brick and mortal structure. We are a departure from the traditional institutional forms to the dynamic skills and capabilities that translate knowledge into profitable actions.

We are a fellowship of scholar practitioners and visionary educators with specialisations in business, management, leadership, finance, human resources, economics and social research.

ISM Lagos is made up of directors, academic board and faculty drawn from a mix of local and foreign professionals who contribute to the development of academic and professional skills amongst themselves and the students.

Our alumni represent a major part of our community; they are our ambassadors and contacts to the larger world and we rely on their continuous support for the growth and development of the school.

Action, not Knowledge,
is the ultimate of any learning endeavour

We believe in this philosophy and our convinctions are evident in our course structures and methodologies. We are positioned to provide exceptional learning and development solutions that help both private and public sector organisations to compete, grow and succeed in today’s unstable business environment.


We strive to make meaningful contributions that are relevant for bridging the theory-practice divide. Our faculty conducts radical studies for creating knowledge of business education and enhancing profitable practice.

The Critical Action Research Series (CARS) is an example of such endeavours. It is a variety of free practical information and training sessions organised by the International School of Management jointly with corporate organisations. The sessions also serve as preliminary research works which are circulated to encourage further academic discussions and practical application.

Subject to terms and conditions, we are able to offer on request to small, medium or large business organisations specific research advisory which can be adopted as basis for the actual relevant studies necessary for taking informed and milestone business decisions.


We parade an academy of scholar practitioners who believe in bridging the gap between theory and practice of business and management. Therefore majority of our faculty are tutors and managers who have vast experience both in the academic and professional worlds.

Our faculty partakes in complex but very relevant research areas leading to the creation of distinct knowledge and innovative concepts that greatly enhance the development of management practice and that of our students as leaders in their chosen careers.

We have a mix of foreign and local tutors who understand the local business environment and have significant international exposures.

Bespoke Business & Management Education

As a market-specific business school, we give priority to the development of business and management competencies across the different industries.

ISM Lagos creates a suite of discipline-specific business and management education for professionals in medicine, law, politics, public service, entrepreneurship, advertising, aviation, engineering and several other professional practices.

Our bouquet of personal efficiency and service delivery courses cuts across industries and specialisations.

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Our approach focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice through the creation of actionable programmes that reflect a fine blend of rigorous academic knowledge and their relevant application to practice.