Our alumni network constitutes an important part of the ISM community giving all our members the shared experience of a truly communal organization in which both the past and present students have similar sense of belonging. Our alumni are never a previous part of our school but they are ever in our present regardless of the normal changes in their status as students, graduates, alumni, faculty, fellows and partners at different points in their lives. Our alumni expand their personal, professional and business networks through:

The ISM Alumni Clubs

Our alumni clubs provide opportunities for debate, personal and corporate networking, and the chance to meet industry professionals and business leaders. We invite all those who have learnt from our faculty and through our process to join this diverse community of high achievers and share their interests with other alumni from different backgrounds and professions. Spanning all industries and walks of life, our alumni can share a wealth of knowledge, business opportunities, experiences and network through our clubs.

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

Alumni clubs offer:

  • Lively forums for debating topical business and social issues
  • Personal and professional networking opportunities
  • Events to meet alumni from other leading business schools
  • Opportunities to meet industry professionals and business leaders.

Professional Interest clubs

Representing different industry sectors, our professional interest clubs offer the chance to:

  • Make useful professional contacts
  • Network with others from the same industry sectors
  • Develop links with alumni from other leading business schools.

Clubs include:

  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Private Investors Club
  • Leadership Club
  • Business Ethics Club
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Club
  • Alumni Services

Alumni Services

These include

  • The Alumni Directory
  • Online Library & Database Access
  • Discounted and Free Programmes
  • Discounted and Free Advisory
  • Alumni Career Services
  • Alumni News
  • Annual Alumni Reunion & Awards Night

Alumni Career Services

  • Career coaching – support with career planning, job search and career management
  • Job search preparation – advice on planning a successful job search including CV writing, networking and interviewing
  • Career Workshops – update job search and career management skills or gain insights from industry leaders
  • Career Resources – access an extensive range of information, tools and databases
  • Alumni Job Board – apply for jobs from leading organisations
  • Alumni CV Database – be included in recruiter searches
  • Recruitment Events – connect with world class organisations who recruit at International School of Management.

Stay connected

There are plenty of ways to maintain your involvement with the School on an ongoing basis:

  • Mentor a student.
  • Become a Class Representative – the focal point of class members’ relationships both with each other and with the School.
  • Join an alumni club committee.
  • Take advantage of our alumni events.
  • Support our admissions process by recommending applicants, interviewing candidates for our programmes, or taking part in recruitment events.

Executive Education and Elective Courses

Our alumni receive discounted rates on various Elective Courses, Executive Education, Open Programmes and other paid events. Alumni are eligible to take part in the Occasional Student (OCS) Programme. Places are available for our alumni as Occasional Students (OCS) on any of the ISM degree and certificate programmes at Pay As You Go on the basis of availability on any of their preferred subject area. As a member of the alumni community, you automatically qualify to become an Occasional Student, bypassing the normal application process, and are entitled to a 50% discount on the normal OCS fee.

The ISM Executive Education Open Programmes attract experienced business professionals from around the world. On the regular degree or certificate programmes, students learn valuable business skills but the Executive Education will help them make the transformation to the next level throughout their career. Alumni are entitled to a discounted rate of 15% on open programmes focusing on a range of topics including leadership, strategy, general management, finance, human resources, and marketing.