American MAGA and the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump: Perspectives

Current President of the United States (POTUS) miscalculated in his post-election manoeuvrings by inciting political violence against the Congress. For this, most people think he deserves to be punished but are there any social and political implications for punishing him by impeachment? This is not a straight forward question and there are no quick fix responses. However, between pardoning an erring President and jeopardizing social peace in order to ensure deterrence, a powerful nation has become strongly divided against itself. It has to be a choice between protecting democracy by punishing the current POTUS and calming tension between factions by pretending it was not a big deal. There are implications either way.

Based on his antecedents and countless unstable reactions to important national and global issues, President Trump has been described by several adjectives many of which are unbefitting for anyone of his status and position. Even his long term media ally and political patron; the Fox News gave up on him and reacted to his unpresidential attitudes at a point. Nevertheless, his MAGA campaign has continued to sway millions of people (American and non-Americans alike). While MAGA means something else in Nigeria, for Donal Trump and his followers, it is the acronym for Make America Great Again!

The MAGA disciples are in their hundreds of millions in America alone and the event of Wednesday January 6, 2021 is an indication of how either mesmerized or devouted they are. As a build up to that insurrection, President Biden’s inauguration has become a source of security concern rather than the usual atmosphere of celebration for which past inaugurations were known. It is therefore more than likely that America may be witnessing the beginning of another type of social internal terrorism throughout 2021 if not beyond.

Although Trump has made record as the only American President to be impeached twice, things may aggravate if the Senate ratifies (probably unlikely) this second impeachment. Nevertheless, there are obvious implications regardless of how the Senate decides eventually. It certainly will be a choice between punishing a rascally incumbent President as a deterrent, which should preserve the American ideals and political activism by the Republicans, which may douse the tension among the MAGAs.

Deciding between two extremes is a common leadership ordeal. In making a judgment based on cases of this nature, which call for balanced analysis founded on experience and courage, focus should be more on the alternative that will cost less or cause less distractions and for which the system has existing coping mechanism in order to limit risk and uncertainty.

Practical and real-life cases such as this are expounded by facilitated discussions, games and simulations. Their adaptations to our unique learning style enable delegates at the International School of Management (ISM) both in London and Lagos classes to effectively convert quality knowledge into profitable actions. Our faculty members tune-up our learners to identify important links between strategic intents and operational accuracy without losing focus on the ultimate goals or specific visions that set different organisations apart in very competitive and conflict-prone environments.