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A Tale of Two Pandemics; SARS of Covid19 and the SARS of Villainy

In 2019, what is now globally popular and known as Covid19 was initially described as novel because it truly manifested in many unfamiliar ways that have continued to kill many people even despite vaccination. In the UK and US, there are cases of some frontline professionals who had already received the anti-Covid19 vaccine but still...
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Nigeria Set to Discover COVID19 Vaccine Using Reverse Strategy

Nigeria is one of the few rich and big countries of the world currently organising their academics, big pharmaceuticals and donors to discover vaccines against the dreaded Covid19. Although millions of the citizens of the other foremost countries have received doses of the vaccination discovered by their best brains including some Nigerians who work for...
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Important Message From The Dean Of School

Fellow Learners and Professionals, We are living in a difficult and uncertain time around the world;  as we face the spread of COVID-19, our markets, businesses, societies all over the world are suffering and Africa or Nigeria in particular is not unaffected. At the International School of Management; ISM Lagos and ISM London, we are constantly striving to keep our...
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The USA versus Uganda: Different Shades of the Same Democracy?

Will Donal J. Trump handover? Definitely but not without the ongoing embarrassment and indictment on the world’s oldest and the most enduring democracy. Although the most powerful press and their journalists use their influence and reach to dent the image of African nations and rubbish their democracy; Museveni, the Ugandan dictator took a swipe at...
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American MAGA and the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump: Perspectives

Current President of the United States (POTUS) miscalculated in his post-election manoeuvrings by inciting political violence against the Congress. For this, most people think he deserves to be punished but are there any social and political implications for punishing him by impeachment? This is not a straight forward question and there are no quick fix...
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