Budgeting & Budgetary Control Methods

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Budgeting is more than mere vague oversight or cooking up imaginary costs and expenditures; they must be deliberate and guided by sound assumptions. Budgeting should deliver the corporate strategy, add shareholder value, and lead to a well-run business – for the benefit of all involved in it. Effective budgeting leads to real control – effective day-to-day operational control and more.

This course demonstrates what proper budgeting and operational control can do. It shows that Budgets can deliver and they should be tied to the corporate strategy.

Face-to-FaceStarts March 25, 20242 days
Live OnlineStarts March 25, 20242 days

Effective budgeting leads to real control – effective day-to-day operational control and more.


Linking the Tactical Budget to Strategic Objectives
  • The Strategic Planning Process and the Budget as a Plan
  • Aligning the Budget with the Organization’s Strategy
Principles of Budgeting and Cost Control
  • The Critical Functions of Management
  • Is Control the Missing Link?
  • Role of Cost Management in the Business Strategy
  • Cost Management and Motivation
  • Embedding Cost Control in the Business
  • Role of Finance in Cost Control
Budgeting and Costing Techniques
  • Forecasting Methods
  • Break-Even Analysis
Rolling Forecasts
  • Role of Forecasts and the Link to Strategy
  • Comparing and Contrasting Budgets and Forecasts
  • Identifying key Business Drivers
  • The Rolling Forecast Process
  • Forecasting Methods
Management use of budget and forecast data
  • The Different Types of Reports and Their Uses
  • Developing Quality Commentary
  • Structuring the Monthly Management Meeting to Best Use the New Information
  • Reporting Software
Cost Control and Management Budget Reports
  • Budget as a Control Tool
  • Approaches to Cost Control
  • Understanding the Need for Timeliness and Precision
  • Variance Analysis
  • Problems in Budgeting


  • The programme was very knowledgeable, impactful and interesting. I found most valuable the practical aspect of the course.

    Akubor Ego
    Relentech Specialist Nigeria Limited
  • This is a good course capable of helping me to do more for my organization. The instructors are well versed and knowledgeable in the subject areas. The seminar has been worth while for me and given me insights more than I expected. All the courses are valuable.

    Ogunkunle Olalere Abiodun
    Saint Nicholas Hospital