Certificate in Digital Marketing

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This course provides a technical outline and discussion of the basics of online marketing. The outline includes an introduction to digital marketing and strategic planning and development. Our contribution offers theoretical and practical insights relative to this growing marketing area, with information on the main areas for which online marketing is particularly suited: (1) the E-commerce section explores different business models and what techniques are used for their development; (2) Web Search Marketing focuses on SEO and SEM, as well as in keyword selection for optimisation; (3) E-mail Marketing offers interesting content to develop a successful newsletter; and (4) Social Media Marketing addresses planning and the most important tools used to maximise communication through social media.
The 4Ps of the marketing mix yield to the 4Cs, which have now turned product into customer solution, price into cost to the customer, place into convenience and promotion into communication. This is a new perspective for operational marketing that will be of special relevance for the online world. In recent years, further steps have been taken—that is, marketing does not only focus exclusively on consumers but also tries to bring different audiences to organisations. 
Face-to-FaceStarts February 1, 20212 days

Social Media Marketing addresses planning and the most important tools used to maximise communication through social media.

During this course, delegate would be convinced that rather than being a subtype of conventional marketing, digital marketing has become a new phenomenon that brings together customisation and mass distribution to accomplish marketing goals.  The course exposes delegates to the reality of technological convergence and the multiplication of devices, which have led to an opening up of the ways in which we think about marketing in the internet age. This reality has pushed the boundaries towards a new concept of digital marketing—user-centred, more measurable, ubiquitous and interactive

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, delegates should be able to;

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of digital marketing fundamentals. 
  • Critically reflect upon the (potential) profitability of different online business models. 
  • Critically reflect and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of SEO, SEA, video and viral marketing, social media, social CRM, digital brand engagement and mobile marketing. 
  • Research the digital and e-commerce platforms’ profitability across mature and high growth markets. 
  • Discuss the (inter) cultural specificity of digital and e-commerce platforms per mature and high growth markets.
  • Execute online competitors’ analysis.
  • Execute online audience analysis (identify and profile potential, actual and retained users/customers).
  • Design, monitor and optimize a digital marketing strategy.