Complaints Handling, Resolution & Compliance for Operational Excellence

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A satisfied client or customer may be less valuable than a complainant. Operations team is usually the part of business most indicted in all business or organisational complaints because of its relevance to stakeholders’ interests but depending on the structure of an organisation, this team exists either separately or as a part of another group of teams. 

However, there is the operational part of every business or organisation, institution or governments. There is an Operations team, desk or personnel in every establishment, whatever the scope, industry or size because the robust strategy is inefficient on its own,  neither will good implementation automatically result in operational excellence. 

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A satisfied client or customer may be less valuable than a complainant.

This course is designed as an exposition to the importance of the operational aspect of organisations and the appreciation of the Nitti gritty of operational processes in every setting.  It explores the superlative definition of operational errors that trigger complaints before they become failures. Candidates will have a better understanding of the philosophy of complaints, derivation for the different stakeholders and the critical purpose they serve in business continuity because lack of complaints of any sort at all would imply the end of an organisation.

Business owners, managers, heads of operations and their team need to understand this reality and approach complaints in a different way other than regret, pity, blame and punishment. When received appropriately and resolved correctly within the existing control system, complaints are sources of invaluable opportunities and competitive advantages. 

Designed in practical workshop format for business owners, managers and the entire operations team, this course is a three-day exposition on technical treatment, ethical approaches, legal implications and psychological understanding of complaints and their resolutions for optimum benefits and increased customer satisfaction.