Comprehensive Management Theories, Skills & Practices (with Qualifying CMI Membership Status)

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Recognized by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this course is designed for individuals who require continuous personal and professional development in management and businesses across sectors. More specifically, the course content has been curated for both current and intending management professionals, including non-management professionals in management positions, who require further development, updates, or refresher in contemporary management education.

More importantly, the course has been designed to enable its delegates to achieve global and enviable recognition in management practice through the membership of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) conferred on them upon completing the course satisfactorily.

It typically introduces delegates to the significance and relevance of managers in business organizations highlighting their practical roles and functions, especially in the 21st-century business settings with their constantly changing and technology-driven environments.

It examines the evolution of management theories, organisational environments, corporate social responsibility, and the value/implications of ethical dealings in businesses. The course also includes a detailed investigation of the four functions of management: planning and decision-making, organising, leading, and motivating, and controlling.

OnlineStarts July 24, 20243 weeks

In demonstrating the nature of diversity, equality, and inclusion; the course content includes an introduction to variations in the structure of organisations, the need for fluctuating resources and differences in the objectives of management teams of different organisations across sectors, markets, and societies.

This course will provide delegates with the framework to understand the dynamic structures of Management and its changing environments. In addition, the experiential activities and hands-on class interactions will provide delegates with a practical understanding of management theories, critical management skills, and factors that affect management as a practice across the world.

Delegates will develop practical skills for managing organizations in a globalized business environment heavily influenced by digital, interactive, viral, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, social media, and High-Tech innovation knowledge environments.

People management and leadership will be one of the highlights of course learning, achieved based on the foundational understanding of personal development through existentialism, discovery, self-leadership, and the import of leadership planning & development for achieving successful management experience.

Important Information

Pre-Class Interaction & Discussion Activities – 1 Week
Class tutorials, Case Studies & Discussions – 1 Week
Post Class Group Assignment & Submission – 1 Week

NOTE: Tuition includes CMI subscription for the year