Designing & Delivering Effective Online Courses for Academic/ Learning & Development Professionals

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Regardless of anyone’s preferred choice of name; E-Learning, Online Education or Virtual Learning, there is yet to be a clear line of distinction among learning arrangements that are electronically provided, virtually accessed or by online means; regardless of whether or not they are real-time. This electronic, online, and virtual mode of learning has been in existence for a long time, categorized as a type of distant learning arrangement. However, in Nigeria and most of Africa, it was not accepted or appreciated by many and did not come into the limelight until the disruptions to physical arrangements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic-induced debut of online, virtual or e-learning in most parts of Africa has made many educational institutions rethink their methods of delivering instructions.

Nevertheless, there is a gross inadequacy of knowledge of online learning types, arrangements, instructional designs, and methods of delivery. This has created a huge gap in the exchange of knowledge between traditional instructors and students who have become used to physical classroom arrangements only. If this challenge is not properly addressed, learning goals will be truncated and the end result will be disastrous for the global body of knowledge.

Well designed and delivered online learning prove to be as effective as face-to-face classroom learning. This goes beyond sharing pre-recorded visual or audio lecturing sessions. Local educational institutions should be able to level up to international standards in delivering online classes.

LMS: AsynchronousStarts February 22, 20243 weeks

Nevertheless, there is gross inadequacy of knowledge of online learning types, arrangements, instructional designs and methods of delivery

Choosing the right Learning Management System is an important aspect of effective delivery but the application of resources relevant to specific learning outcomes, their sources and arrangements are even more important for ultimate effectiveness and achieving accurate learning outcomes.

This 3-week online course is designed and delivered by the International School of Management (ISM) London on her dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), registered and recognized as the Online Campus Nigeria (OCN) and hosted at to enable delegates experience firsthand practical application, learn and understand the most effective method of delivering a well-designed effective online course most suitable for the emerging markets.


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Know the different types of Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Understand the important functions and use of LMS
  • Appreciate the efficacy of Instructional Design in effective online learning
  • Create Learner Specific Content, Design and Delivery
  • Adapt course contents to LMS and design peculiarity
  • Recognize valid sources of content for effective learning
  • Combine sources and resources to maximize learning outcomes
  • Vary learning methods and design of instructions for maximum learning
  • Recognize learning limitations and quickly effect remedies
  • Motivate learners and achieve increasing participation/engagements