Professional Certificate in Customer Service and Relationship Management

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The customer is King. This is one adage everyone is familiar with. Either you shine shoes for a living or occupy the highest position in the biggest corporation in the world, the true boss is he who keeps your business running by bringing income, the desired benefit or return to your organization and fulfilling the purpose for which your business exists and whom it serves – The Customer!

Whilst Corporate Mission Statements often reel off several epitaphs and mantras- happy customers…our goal! Your satisfaction… our promise! All for you! These same executives go back to their offices, de-employ staff, fail to implement a customer service improvement plan and send memos out saying customers’ complaints are unjustified and overblown. Unfortunately, this one stakeholder of the business can often hold you to your word and by all means, get what they want/what you promised, or never utter a word to you the owner of the business or an employee but yet with the least effort, pull you down the rung of success achieved into failure. So, why should we not pay attention or give all it takes to keep these unique crops of people coming back for the services or goods we offer? Whilst service delivery differs with every customer and each circumstance, we know of a certainty that your efforts will always be the same practising the art of delivering excellent customer service- a satisfied customer!


Face-to-FaceStarts February 5, 20243 days
Live VirtualStarts February 5, 20243 days
LMS: AsynchronousStarts 3 week


The customer is King.

Everyone from the CEO to the customer-facing employees of any organization talks about how important the customer is to their core existence, operation and success. We all try to convince our audience how much we believe in customer service. “Excellent Customer Service, ” is the cliché for catching the customer’s attention but keeping the customer is an art. No matter how complex the business, this art of delivery can be nailed down to propositions that are ever winning and can be applied in each situation such that your good intentions meet the real world. These customer service skills will empower you to value every customer, earn their loyalty (even in the toughest of situations/circumstances) and repeatedly bring business home for your organization or corporation.

Key Learning Points

By the end of this course, students would have learnt and imbibed ways of;

  • Imbibe the paradigm shift to embrace the customer-focused mindset irrespective of where you are in any organization.
  • Appreciate the need to commence service excellence with internal customers in order to deliver at the same level to external customers.
  • Emulate five practices of high-performance service professionals
  • Map internal and external service processes to identify moments of truth with customers and ensure their expectations are being met.
  • Establish strategies for ensuring an exceptionally positive experience for the customers
  • Build the necessary skills for establishing rapport and positive relationships with customers.
  • Manage challenging situations with difficult customers in a highly professional manner while repairing relationships with angry customers in order to rebuild their trust.
  • Create a personal service excellence project for applying learning to workplace situations.
  • Step-by-step ways to service recovery, even in the worst of situations
  • Building a crop of loyal customers in present times.
  • Using social tools to deliver excellent customer service experiences.