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Why would companies increase their costs and decrease their margins? Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But companies do it every day in the interest of serving their best customers. They establish “key account” programs that provide additional dedicated resources to top customers (which increases their costs) while at the same time offering those same customers their biggest discounts (which decreases their margins).

They do all of these, of course, in the name of increasing volume. Key account programs are absolutely worth having, but the questions many sales leaders are asking are, “How can we do this better?” and “What do the best key account management programs look like?” Done right, better key account programs can obtain more customer volume at lower discounts while not adding to costs. It all comes down to the behaviour of the key account managers. These programs go by different names: key accounts, national accounts, strategic accounts, global accounts, etc.

For simplicity, we are going to refer to all of them as key account programs, and the people who are responsible for each account as key account managers

Face-to-FaceStarts January 22, 20243 days
Live VirtualStarts January 22, 20243 days

For simplicity, we are going to refer to all of them as key account programs, and the people who are responsible for each account as key account managers

Key account managers need to fully understand the buying motivators of each member of the Decision-Making Unit (DMU). They must ensure that all functions in their organisation are communicating the right messages to the right people at the right time. Improving cross-functional relationships is key to the development of the communications and sales matrix, which enables the organisation to take full advantage of the opportunities for peer to peer selling.

The struggle is that many key account programs generally do not demonstrate the volume growth that companies expect. Why is that happening? This course is designed and delivered by some of our best minds and experienced in business analysis and advisory services for unravelling the paradox surrounding key account management and its strategic programmes.

Delivered over a period of four full days, delegates are totally immersed in series of specialized strategy sessions dedicated to reviewing some of the best key account management programmes and reviewing their application to the need and peculiarity of specific customers.

Delegates will learn how to create tailor-made programmes with features that can be varied from time to time to address the dynamic motivations of the different decision-making members of the different types of key accounts. This course is structured as a mix of training classes supported with intense coaching sessions that all attempt to help delegates to break down the issues and hone their skills at high-level engagements that create a real and lasting partnerships between their organisations and the key accounts.