NEW COUNTRY DISCOVERED IN AFRICA: Volunteers Needed for Governance System

The world is changing and wonders seem to be unending in our generation. In what seems to be another incredible global experience following the Covid-19 pandemic; 2021 witnesses the culmination of events leading to the discovery of a new country, which has since been under close observation for more than half of a decade.  
Africa, the motherland of many heroic people of the past and present generations happens to be the geographical location of the state just discovered by the rest of the world, making the number of countries in the whole world now 197. It is yet uncertain if this new state qualifies for membership of the Commonwealth of Nations or the United Nations but developments suggest that this would be concluded in about two years from now.
If the new country is not granted membership of the United Nations, it would be the third non-member state after Vatican City and Palestine. This probability of non-membership of the UN should not be a source of concern for the obvious reasons. Non-member states are allowed to participate as observers at the General Assembly and are provided access to the UN documents.
There seems to be a lot of curiosity from the rest of the world and very high expectations from residents of the country. Discovered along the Atlantic coastal line and occupied by vastly black but culturally diverse tribes typical of most other African countries, the new nation has a landmass measuring several thousands of kilometre square. The topography of the state includes plains and hills widely spread across the north and southern parts of the country respectively with some plateaus and hills at the centre.
The country has a tropical climate typical of African countries with rainy and dry seasons at different times of the year; it is hot and wet most months of the year but with less rainfall in the north than the southern part of the country. There is constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, making the country a tourism destination for holidaymakers from Europe and Northern America.
It is very intriguing how people have lived together without known leaders or any government system; neither monarchy nor democracy. There is no Executive, Legislative or Judicial government but each household and person is said to be living independently. People are responsible for their own finances, spending different currencies in the same economy. There is yet to be any provision for proper institutions and there are no independent government agencies such as security services, universities, hospitals or any social service provider.
Reliable informants have hypothesized that citizens of this new country were alienated by a group of immigrant tribes known as Eganches and Sinalufs mostly from the Sahel/Savannah belt of Africa but that the process of estrangement happened gradually over a period of time more than half of a century since they escaped from colonization. The most important part of the current discovery is the urgent need for a governance system and institutional arrangements for the country.
As a result of the lack of government or governance structure in the new nation, the human society in the country operates an absolute freedom arrangement and there are no implications for any wrongdoings as there is currently no effective rule of law in the new jurisdiction. Everybody operates a self-invented rule of engagement and can take advantage of neighbours as much as they can get away with.  However, the rest of the world including Africa’s superpower, Nigeria is interested in this new nation but unfortunately, the era of colonialism is over. There is currently a concerted effort by a group of interested parties to identify the correct origin and proper name for the country.
Some sections of the new country made up of citizens who are very ambitious are considering different names for their newly found nation such as AIREGA; HUB of Africa also known as the CIDAMRON NATION.
Economists describe the country as a freelance society where anyone can claim citizenship by a process of easy, self-determined and unregulated migration system. The number of immigrants in the country is currently on the rise but they all live mostly by coping with every situation including their daily subsistence and activities of hostile sects and factions.
Currently, the most prominent socio-economic activities in the country are manned by some individuals who are sworn members of jingoist caucuses led by illiterates and bigots who pretend to be moralists despite their crass incompetence. They derive their motivation from personal interests and secret codes amplified by the activities of some hypocritical but different religious groups whose objectives often counteract. Their activities are analogous of Medina and towards the gates of Jerusalem but only strangers agree to dine and worship with them.
As of the time of this publication, entry into and exit from the country is totally free for all. There are no definite or binding conditions for visiting the newly found nation and there is probably no reliable record to prove the existence of Covid19 virus or its fatality in the country. However, security is rife in this new African nation and there is no safety either of life or properties in the society. Therefore both residents and visitors are strongly advised to thread with utmost caution until there is a further notice of the existence of a government in the country.