Online Campus Nigeria (OCN)

About OCN

Online Campus Nigeria (OCN) is a fully interactive and tutor led learning platform designed for Nigerian students regardless of their primary institution of study, course of study or type of programme. Online Campus Nigeria is an innovation to showcase the quality and effectiveness of technology based learning as a mode of alternative and equally efficient pedagogy.

Courses offered on Online Campus Nigeria (OCN) are thoroughly researched, well developed and designed to ensure maximum learning outcomes giving every student the opportunity to preserve their uniqueness by learning at their different individual paces while the quality of the learning process is ensured.

Authoritative sources in support of the quality and effectiveness of online education include the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), UK Education and the US Department of Education amongst others. Although online education has been adjudged as effective as (not necessarily more than) the traditional face to face education, it is more desirable and produces better results in systems of large low income population.

Nowadays, ethical and fair policies do not seek to discriminate against online education, which is a modern and web-enabled version of the generally accepted long distance learning. Worldwide, the certification or accreditation of online mode of learning is the same as that of the traditional face-to-face mode leaving room for no bias or discrimination by any realistic academic institutions or employers.

Nigeria and Africa in general have rich and diverse ethnicity and cultural beliefs which have positive implication for learning and development that is heterogeneous in nature and rich in experience. Online Campus Nigeria creates the avenue for all Nigerian and African students of diverse origins and beliefs to learn and share and be united in diversity while overcoming the limitations of time, space and resources.

Ready to check our available courses?

100% Online

Although, our well researched action-learning method and rigorous course(s) are capable of 100% online delivery; as additional support to enhance learners comfort and increase their confidence, we offer  live Webinar sessions.

Fully Interactive

Each week is made up of seven (7) full days of instruction, information sharing, guidance, reading, writing, explanations, interactions, critical reflections and exchanges between delegates on the one side and delegates and faculty on the other. This rigorous design is for the purpose of reconciling perspectives, querying assumptions and deepening both individual and class learning.

Flexible & Affordable

 OCN is designed to create a new learning experience that meets both your needs and today’s business standards