Converting Strategy to Action

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December 1 - 2, 2020

Strategies are very good for businesses to succeed but in reality, strategies are not enough. There is a gap between business strategy and performance and this can only be bridged by deliberate and methodical actions that blend the strategic plans with the market crescendos.

Business Strategy is the route to the achievement of goals and objectives; it belongs to and is the responsibility of every manager and decision-maker at all levels, be it corporate, strategic business unit or departmental. We must all then understand it, plan it and implement it. This course emphasizes the importance of taking a wide view or 'helicopter vision' and provides analytical and decision making techniques to look beyond everyday operational concerns and examine what the business as a whole has to do now and what it must do in the future. In this intensive two days, strategy is demystified through a mix of casework and analysis of participants’ own real live business cases

This 2-day course is designed with more emphasis on actionable strategic planning than on popular strategic frameworks alone. It demonstrates what it takes to improve organizational alignment and deliver on truly strategic business objectives. Students would learn more about the efficacy of trusted frameworks for achieving strategic execution of corporate plans; incorporating a full range of proven approaches and emerging concepts for aligning project and program initiatives with strategic objectives.

This course will help participants to develop their forward- thinking abilities and give them the opportunity to explore the issues that are of prime concern to managers and owners. It exposes and expounds on native theories and personal assumptions that are popular yet capable of fixing managers in a box if not applied contextually.

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to enable students develop skills and competencies that should result in the following;

  • Focusing strategic thinking on both existing and probable lines of enquiry, which are most likely to lead to strategic breakthroughs
  • Becoming familiar with key techniques of internal and external business analyses and how these can be simplified and accelerated for immediate and long term gains
  • Understanding the role of visionary leadership in strategy execution which implies making strategic knowledge and experience produce the desired results.
  • Prioritizing the implementation strategies to ensure optimal results.
  • Human and material implication for distilling strategic plans into profitable actions.
  • Understanding the nature and workings of the market, innovations and the dynamics of market competitions.

Registration and Contact Details

Date: December 1 - 2, 2020
Registration fee: N10,000 (non-refundable)
Tuition fee: N140,000 (One Hundred and Fourty Thousand Naira Only)

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For Further Enquiries, Contact:,  08090890909, 08085369898, 08085369976, 08086815957
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  • Very friendly and professional approach, creating very active participation from the entire class. It has been an eye opener. The instructor was very friendly and is well informed. His responses were very informative. I found most valuable the contributions and real life experiences from other participants, identifying challenges, and understanding what solutions to employ.

    Abolurin Emmanuel Adebare - DBX Golden Investments Ltd

  • The instructor had enough mastery in delivery of content to gain my attention and respect. I found most valuable the group work, discussions and presentation.

    Femi Odunlami - Briscoe Properties Ltd

  • Instructor was a friendly, brilliant and great coach. It was amazing studying under him. I found most valuable the interactive nature of this course and the way the facilitator got everybody to intellectually interact was amazing.

    Nosa-Akpasubi Uyiosa -

  • The course is really worth attending. The instructor has an intelligent perspective.

    Peter Oketola - Blue Chip Technology Limited

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