Strategic Human Resource Management

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June 22 - 26, 2020

It is now a cliché that employees are among the firm’s most valued assets; both theory and practice agree on this assertion. Despite that, many practitioners are yet to be mindful of this truism when making decisions that affect employees, human resource practice and functions. Studies have shown that human resources remain one of the firm's most vital, irreplaceable, and difficult to manage resources. Increasingly, researchers are arguing that effective management of human resources is one of the few ways by which firms can gain long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, there is a rising need for organisations and their HR managers to become more aware of the strategic implications of people management.

This course will focus on an array of timely and important issues confronting the management of human resources both as a field of study and practice. It examines the context of strategic human resource management (SHRM) in Nigeria and develops a framework for the practice, exploring how managers can develop and implement effective and efficient human resource practices that support the strategic objectives of their firms. The course focuses on most of the everyday human resource decisions made by all managers from a strategic perspective.

The topics addressed will be of key interest to managers generally and HR professionals specifically. A major goal of this course will be to show the impact of these important issues on an organization and the strategic role of human resource in the overall management of the organisation. Thus, a major objective for this course is to embed in managers the most current scientific and proven knowledge required to “strategically” manage human resources and develop vital “people” management competencies.

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Date: June 22 - 26, 2020
Registration fee: N15,000 (non-refundable)
Tuition fee: N240,000 (Two Hundred and Fourty Thousand Naira Only)

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