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March 8 - 10, 2021

A Gender Agenda for WO!Men in Business & Management

WO!Men (pronounced as Wow Men) is a derived pronunciation for the generic plural word “Women”, which we ascribe to the unlimited potentials of the female gender as amazing humans with exceptional (Wow, Smashing, Sensational) attributes. The ISM Lagos pursues the ideology of Inclusive Business and Leadership Opportunities as a resilient tenet of the sustainability campaign and the WOMB is typically an example of our belief and efforts in that regard.

Today, whether in Nigeria or elsewhere, change is ubiquitous and the rate of change is the highest in the history of our dear nation; yet things would still continue to change. Therefore, we are forced by these circumstances to re-examine our priorities; that is, make quality choices and build innovative solutions to tackle complex problems of our current post-modern society.

In this new environment, viable entrepreneurial idea generation requires a set of skills inherent in the WO!Men; vision and imagination, innovative thinking, adaptability, leadership amidst uncertainty, and a willingness to take risks. Very much like their male colleagues, WO!Men are well positioned to unlock business potentials in these circumstances.

At the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos, Inclusive Education and Diversity lie close to the heart of our achievements. We are committed to creating an environment where the obstacles which traditionally stand between people of different genders or beliefs and their business venturing or management positions are removed.

In doing so, our pledge to inclusion and equality permeates every decision we make; whether it is the creation of a new program format, a new academic curriculum or a new project. Regardless of their professional profile, their level of professional experience, geographical location or the time available to commit to their studies; the ISM Lagos has a varied mix of programs that adapt to the needs of different people all over Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

ISM Lagos is made up of erudite faculty from different walks of life and belief systems fairly dominated by female and male, each specializing in different areas of management and business expertise. These faculty of women and men who complement each other often create an outstanding academic repertoire from which candidates can choose the program of their perfect fit.

Our WOMB is a business and management incubation initiative for WO!Men in business and executive management positions drawn from all sectors of the Nigerian economy. The WOMB is a special project of the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos designed to educate, encourage, advise and solicit moral and financial supports for women who found themselves in or are interested in business and management positions.

Registration and Contact Details

Date: March 8 - 10, 2021
Registration fee: N10,000 (non-refundable)
Tuition fee: N95,000 (Ninety-Five Thousand Naira Only)

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For Further Enquiries, Contact: registrar@ism.edu.ng,  08090890909, 08085369898, 08085369976, 08086815957
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