Dean Scholarship Offer

Picture of Dean Scholarship Offer

By our Dean's Scholarship offer, we extend to individuals and corporate organisations a unique tuition free opportunity to participate in some of our bespoke professional practice and personal development courses. 


We are happy to support several professional individuals and corporate organisations with our Dean'sScholarship Offer. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to build a body of knowledge dominated by both academics and professionals whose experiences form the firm foundation of our existence.


As this is a knowledge age dominated by a plethora of information, there are many fake information as much as fake products across markets and industries; but we are confident that a fine fusion of theory and practice obtained from primary sources, which are classrooms made up of humble learners and sincere faculty, would help many professionals and the larger society to become increasingly informed and discerning. This should be the beginning of a journey towards true and lasting social transformation and change.


Please Click here to complete our online form to indicate your interest in the ISM Lagos' Dean's Scholarship offer. Admission is subject to available slots. Please ask our programmes team for other terms and conditions.