International Leadership & Management Development Courses

Picture of International Leadership & Management Development Courses

In pursuit of her vision of world class education and global relevance, the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos adopts an enviable network of foreign partnerships and affiliations with prestigious Universities and business schools. One of such invaluable partners is the International School of Management (ISM) London. Both ISM London and ISM Lagos have similar vision, mission and values. The institutions also have some of their trustees and faculty members in common.  

We collaborate with the ISM London in developing bespoke and world class professional development courses for senior executives and aspiring individuals. These courses are designed to serve as annual refresher workshops and fast-track expositions on most recent research that are timely and relevant to various management areas and leadership in general. 

Certified by the International School of Management (ISM) London, these international courses are top-notch; delivered by the most capable scholar-practitioner faculty members from different universities and professional authorities. The success of each module on the courses rely on the exclusive contents, superior delivery methodology and the mix of experiences that make up the classes of select individuals. It is a very unique arrangement for senior and aspiring executives to rediscover themselves while learning amongst and connecting with classmates from other countries, industries and experiences.  

Designed as executive learning and development colloquia, these courses are delivered in choice locations in countries like the Gambia, UK and the United Arab Emirates amongst others. 

For more specific details, please visit the International School of Management (ISM) London or contact our programme officers by email:  or or telephone 0809 089 0909+44 (0) 20 3355 9668