Picture of Programmes

In designing our programmes we have carefully considered the peculiarity of our environment along with the dynamism of the emerging markets in which the majority of our students practice.

We offer a combination of degree and professional development programmes that are designed to equip students with both academic knowledge and practical skills that give them comparable information and exposure with their peers anywhere in the world. Our programmes are broadly divided into;


ISM Lagos offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees in business and management. We also offer different routes and specialisations to many of the degrees. Depending on the degree and the preferred institution from amongst our partner universities, a student may choose to apply through pre-degree route or diploma route to any of the degree programmes, which are offered through the traditional campus mode, online mode or blended learning.

Our undergraduate programmes are designed to provide students with solid foundation of business concepts. The programmes are rigorously academic in nature, yet they provide necessary practical preparations. Our programmes serve as a common market place for both the students and potential employers who place enviable premium on our graduates.


Our postgraduate programmes provide the life-changing opportunities for students and working professionals especially to hone their personal and professional skills. Our post-graduate programmes have been carefully designed to culminate into a positive-change experience based on our industry relevant and action-based curricula.

We choose our students just the same way we choose the suit of programmes necessary for their personal and professional developments. Our graduate programmes are well sort after; they provide students with the essential knowledge and innovative approaches to crucial business decisions.

Below is a list of some postgraduate programmes, which also have different specialisations;

Professional Development Programmes

Our professional development programmes are designed as short bespoke courses for the working professionals. Created as discipline specific professional development offerings; we offer programmes that contribute to the development of both the individuals on the one side and the practice on the other.

They cover the key aspects of business such as Strategy & Implementation, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Change & Crisis Management amongst others.

Below is a list of some of our professional development programmes;