Associates and Fellows

Picture of Associates and Fellows

Annually, the academic board and directors of the International School Of Management Lagos admit deserving individuals as Affiliate and Fellow Members of the Institution at an occasion graced by eminent Nigerians and academia from around the world. Membership of ISM Lagos depends on the ability of individuals to meet the criteria set by the executive committee of the school.

Affiliates and Fellows of the ISM are professional and privileged classes of members with proven academic and business accomplishments. Affiliate and Fellow members are drawn from a vast selection of respectable individual professionals and/or academia whose contributions and experiences are sought on important matters relating to the management and growth of the institution. The academic board of the ISM is constituted by eligible faculty, affiliates and fellows of the school but majority of the affiliate and fellow members serve on projects and programmes committees in charge of admission, finance, accreditation, partnership and development amongst many others. As members of the school, Affiliates and Fellows of ISM Lagos can also attain membership of the executive committee or the academic board of the school.

Affiliate membership is strictly by application to the executive committee which may prescribe an examination and/or interview before such application could be granted. However, the fellow status is attained by promotion from affiliate membership or by honorary recognition conferred on individuals as deemed fit by the executive committee and board of directors of the school usually in line with existing guidelines, the school’s Article of Association and the Companies and Allied Matters Acts.