Career Development Services

Picture of Career Development Services

To start with, we build very credible image of a school with high level of integrity and ethical business dealings. As a result, we enjoy cordial relationship with employers and other schools, which give our programmes and certificate an enviable recognition.

Whatever the circumstances, intellectual stimulation and academic engagement will make studying with us a fulfilling experience. However, boosting our student’s employment prospects for taking a couple of steps up the career ladder makes the experience worthwhile. For us, the critical difference is usually clear when the employment markets, contract opportunities and competition for positions get even tougher.

The global focus of ISM programmes creates a unique platform for professionals and their desired advancement. ISM places strong emphasis on preparing students to operate at senior levels, focusing on practical personal and service efficiency skills.

Our career development team provides personalized career guidance and employability services in the form of one to one sessions, workshops on CV writing and individual advice on job application and interview techniques.