Hezekiahs Academy for Teachers

Picture of Hezekiahs Academy for Teachers

We collaborate with both public and private sector organisations across industries to both innovate and lead positive changes towards the transformation of Nigerian society and that of Africa at large. Hezekiah's Academy for Teachers is one of our very innovative corporate social responsibility offerings targeted at teachers in primary and secondary schools.  We believe that true transformation should emanate from academic institutions right from the early stages and that the changes we make happen in our teachers will have long lasting effects on the students.  

With particular interest in the public schools, the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos partners with government ministries, teaching service commissions and non-governmental organisations to offer free but certified  and experiential personal/professional development courses to teachers in primary and secondary schools.  

We deploy our expert knowledge and competency in Universal Design Learning (UDL) to help the teachers become better at creating and delivering superior learning outcomes while also identifying specific talents and/or skills in both themselves and their students with a view to creating  congruence within their classrooms. 

For more information, partnership, registration or other opportunities about Hezekiah's Academy for Teachers, please contact  us by email using registrar@ism.edu.ng or call 0809 089 0909