Our Style and Philosophy

Picture of Our Style and Philosophy

At ISM, we believe that between professional practice and academic theory, there is a great divide (Rynes, et al, 2001). We believe also that there is a pressing need for raising ‘semiotic brokers’ (Astley & Zammuto, 1993), who by reasons of their academic training and professional experience would serve as the bridge to the gap between theoreticians and practitioners.

We believe in learning by doing, which provides opportunities for individuals to learn at their own pace. Action learning, which is a combination of the duo of academic knowledge and professional experience, enables individuals to enrich their learning ability and that of their organisations from a mix of personal reflection, dialogue, challenging assumptions and criticality.

This system provides a fun way to learn; the knowledge is deeper and it lasts longer. We believe an individual would easily entrench the learning points from his actions and interaction than from teaching and studying alone. We believe in action learning and our faculty incorporates the tenets in all our programme designs and deliveries.