The ACTIONABLE Corporate Sector Solutions

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As a result of our unique approaches and the rich experiences that we garner from collaborating with employers, we are considered as a niche business school with the fastest growing solutions for creating quality and practice relevant business research, learning and development opportunities. We specialise in diverse areas such as academic skills, professional and educational development, organisational planning, Business Strategy, HR, Marketing, Market Research & Competition, Finance, SME Growth & Development, Entrepreneurship, Private and Public sector leadership, Specific (such as Legal, Medical, Supply Chain, Facility, and Project et cetera) and General Management.

Action, not Knowledge, is the ultimate of any learning endeavour

We believe in this philosophy and our convinctions are evident in our course structures and methodologies. We are positioned to provide exceptional learning and development solutions that help both private and public sector organisations to compete, grow and succeed in today's unstable business environment.

Why the ACTIONABLE Corporate Sector Solution?

We work with a wide range of organisations in private and public sectors including non-governmental and non-profit organisations and SMEs to help them achieve specific results or create positive changes by designing and delivering innovative and practical learning and development solutions. This approach provides a smart and efficient way for overcoming organisational inertia and creating double-loop learning.

Sector Specific Solutions

Our learning and development solutions are designed by scholar-practitioners who have a rich mix of industry expertise and research in specific disciplines and sectors. Through many of our discipline-specific curricular, we help in the development of professionals who contribute to the overall organisational learning and culture that create sustainable systems, congruencies and performance.