Picture of TRANSFORMATION Africa

As a people, we deserve more than what we now get on a global level; ours is a blessed continent, we have the abundance of nature, talented people, staggering population, mercifully limited natural disaster and above all, a promising continent and the investment destination of the current and future times.

Now is the time to start re-ordering our priorities and rebuild the institutions that we have lost to distractions of the past. We should be willing and ready to lead the entire world by the very reason of the individuals we are able to become and the systems we can create to embrace the future, which has started already.

For the change to be true and sustainable, our academics and professionals play a pivotal role in the current dispensation. Our most sustainable socio-economic change should emanate from our academic institutions and the professional communities where we start and spend the most part our live and its formation.

This is the beginning of the long awaited future for which Africa has made sacrifices, paid a lot of prices and prepared to embrace; Transformation Africa shall be the largest gathering of African Academic and Professional stakeholders, including all persons and institutions of African descent, for the discovery of and return to the path of destiny.

To this end, the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos and all of her partners, sponsors and allies wish to invite all visionary persons and institutions whose missions include the greatness of Africa to please come join the formation of this process of new order and jointly make the ultimate African history, lest we should be the last  indeed. 

For more information, partnership, sponsorship, registration or other opportunities about TRANSFORMATION Africa, please contact  us by email using or call 0808 536 9898