Why Study at ISM

Picture of Why Study at ISM

At the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos, our philosophy is the provision of ACTIONABLE knowledge by leveraging on the personal ability and professional experiences of our learners. We believe in the adoption of inclusive learning methodologies that recognise the peculiarities of the individual learner.

Our strong alignment with international academic and professional partners is part of our key strategies to achieving our aims. We are therefore proud of our ability to attract people, partnerships and alliances of the highest calibre and our success in competing for talents with other top ranking business schools is a mark of our international standing.

We employ first class tutors for their expertise, experience, enthusiasm and practical ability to make difficult problems appear easy. We provide students with the tools needed to adapt and excel in a complex and constantly changing worlds of business and professionalism.

ISM Lagos offers highly relevant and affordable quality education with record value propositions. We believe that quality business education should be both relevant and specific; we keep our classes as small as possible but the learning as much as possible through the creation of sizeable classes that consist of a fine blend of experiences and abilities.